North East singer and entertainer Danny Reed first wowed audiences with his impressive performance of  "Mack the Knife" garnering praise from the judging panel and reaching the finals of the V-Factor competition,

Since then he has performed at many clubs, pubs, theatres, weddings, birthdays, civic events, private functions and regularly performs his show at the Customs House South Shields. 

"It was and is a great pleasure to have Danny Reed Swings at the Customs House. A great afternoon of entertainment which was so well received by his adoring fans! Thanks for gracing our stage and helping to support our Charity with your fine skills and humility. Till next time Cheers!" 

Ray Spencer MBE
Excecutive Director 
The Customs House 

"Dear Danny
I recall the many past social events where you have performed and your professionalism and talent for entertaining an audience has always been evident. As you know, you have quite a folowing and your presence has always ensured that such events are a success. I wish you the best of luck and hope to catch your act again in the future".

Stephen Hepburn MP

Danny's growing popularity led him to be selected as a regional finalist for "Britain Does Variety 2012" and has auditioned sucessfuly once  again to be a regional finalist for "Britain Does Variety for 2016". His laid back style swayed him to swing with the songs, routines and comedy of Mr. Dean Martin and capture the cool stylistic phrasing of Mr. Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Elvis Presley Michael Buble and others.

So "Direct from the Bar" come and relax with Danny in the lounge, singing & dancing along to the definitive tracks from the generation of swing with a cigarette in one hand and a scotch in the other.

Do not miss this amazing tribute to the legendary entertainers of yesteryear! Danny - dressed in a classy & timeless black tuxedo and bowtie - can either perform his routines for you or you can request your own custom lineup from his long list of songs.   

If you have that special occasion coming up and you want it to be a real swinging celebration, book "Danny Reed Swings"

Always remember "You are never too old for Swing!" 

Most popular songs

Cool Mr.Dean Martin

  • That's amore
  • Memories are made of this

Quirky Mr.Frank Sinatra

  • Fly me to the moon
  • New York New York

The Upbeat Bobby Darin

  • Beyond the Sea
  • Mack the Knife